Tips for a Gluten Free Memorial Day


Tips for a Gluten Free Memorial Day

Happy Friday, friends! With Memorial Day being this weekend, I thought I should share with you some previous posts I’ve created of tips and lists that will help you have a fun, gluten free holiday (so you don’t get sick!).

I’ll keep this post short and sweet, be sure to save/Pin┬áit so you can go back and read these various tips/lists before you head out to any Memorial Day pot lucks/parties/vacations/etc (or other summer festivities for that matter)!

Gluten Free Tips:

Tips for Avoiding Gluten on the Grill

Avoiding Gluten Cross-Contamination at Parties

If you’ll be traveling this holiday weekend…

Gluten Free Travel Guide

Tips for Gluten Free Air Travel

Gluten Free Road Trip Tips

How to Avoid Gluten when Staying at Someone’s House

Gluten Free Lists:

Gluten Free Popsicles List

Gluten Free Hot Dog & Sausage List

Gluten Free Salsa List

Gluten Free Alcohol List

Gluten Free Sunscreen

Even though some of these lists were published a while ago, I went through and looked up everything and updated what was needed.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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