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  1. Marina says:

    Who do we ask to do the genetic testing? This is different for just the Celiac Panel blood test that shows if you have. Celiac , right?

    • msmodify says:

      Yes, the genetic test is different than the celiac blood test. The genetic test does not tell you if you have celiac, but it tells you if you are a carrier for celiac. This means you may have celiac or can develop celiac at ant time, but does not mean you will for sure get it. This is helpful for family members of those with celiac to get or for those who are already on a gluten free diet (so they’re unable to get tested for celiac). If you get the genetic test and you do not have the genes, then you do not need to worry about ever getting the disease.

  2. Eva says:

    Hello 🙂

    I have been gluten free for nearly 8 years now. I get very sick when I eat it. I have a gluten intolerance, It’s not celiac’s like what you have, but it still makes me very sick. I miss having things like Pita bread, Pasticho, etc there are a lot of Greek dishes that can be modified but some I have found to be a challenge. I am going to try to make Spanakopita this week using the Gluten free pastry dough they have come out with. Have you had any luck with this? Cheers

    • msmodify says:

      Hi Eva!

      So glad you’ve reached out to me! I’m sorry to hear you’re gluten intolerant, I know how hard it can be! Which type of pastry dough are you going to use? I miss Spanakopita so much! I’ve played around with using rice paper in place of phyllo but haven’t quite perfected it enough to post about it. I brushed it with sugar water before adding anything to it. It just gets quite sticky once you wet it, so it takes some practice! Someone emailed me that she found gluten free frozen Spanakopita and was pleased with them, but I have yet to see them in my local stores… maybe online? I’d love to hear how your Spanakopita turn out!


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