Pumpkin Pecan Trifle

pumpkintrifleI love a good trifle. They are so simple to make and always a big hit.

I normally make one for the Fourth of July, and maybe for a few other summer barbecues. I have never thought about making one in the fall… it seems like such a summer dessert to me. But, I came across Paula Dean’s pumpkin gingerbread trifle recipe and instantly knew I could modify it to be gluten free!

Wow was this good! This is the perfect alternative Thanksgiving dessert. Best part about it is you can make it the day before and just refrigerate it! Yay for making things ahead of time!

Modified by: Paula Dean


1 carton cool whip topping
½ c. brown sugar, packed
1/3 tsp ground cinnamon
1 (30 oz) can pumpkin pie filling
1 (5.1 oz) package vanilla instant pudding mix
Williams-Sonoma Gluten-Free Spiced Pecan Pumpkin Quick Bread
½ c. chopped pecans


Bake the gf spiced pecan pumpkin bread according to package; cool completely.

Prepare the pudding and set aside. Stir in the pumpkin pie filling, brown sugar and cinnamon into pudding.

Crumble half of the gf spiced pecan pumpkin bread into bottom of trifle bowl. Pour half the pudding mix on top of the bread and then add a layer of cool whip. Sprinkle half of the pecans on top.

Repeat with remaining spice bread, pudding and cool whip. Top with remaining chopped pecans.

Can serve immediately, or refrigerate overnight.


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