July Goals

summer quoteI love that I decided to share my monthly goals with you all. It really helps hold me accountable! Before I get into my July Goals, I thought I would review my June Goals and let you know how I did!

June Life Goals

1. Finalize Church and Wedding Venue: Done and done! If you recall I posted all the details about our wedding plans so far! You can read about it here. Wedding planning is still going well with no drama and no stress. What a fun time!

2. Read One Self-Help Book: Done! I’m so glad I added this into my goals because Make It Happen was truly life changing! You can read my review here.

3. Be in Bed by 10pm During the Week: Ehhhh… This did not happen as often as I wanted it to. The other issue I had was even if I was in bed by 10, I would watch Netflix for a good hour or so. I need to revise this goal for July!

4. Do Treadmill 30 Mins per Day: It’s the behavior analyst in me, but I think in terms of graphs, especially when it comes to changing behavior. Therefore I graphed my treadmill engaging behavior for the month 🙂

treadmill graph

As you can see I did not complete 30 minutes on the treadmill per day. I think going from not doing the treadmill at all, to creating a goal of 30 minutes per day was not realistic. I’m going to revise this goal for July!

5. Research Gluten Free Restaurants in Austin and San Antonio: I asked this question on Instagram and received suggestions! Today we arrive in Austin, so when I get back I will share this information with you!

So that’s how my June turned out… now onto July!

july goals

1. Send Out “Save the Dates”: This is exciting! It makes it so official! 🙂 I technically have ordered some, but have been working with the designer to make little revisions here and there. I’m hoping to receive them and get them out soon!

2. Limit Netflix to 2 Episodes per Day: I know this sounds like a crazy goal, but binge watching has taken over my life!! I need to get control of my life again and join the real world!

3. Do the Treadmill 30 mins 5x/Week: As you saw in my graph, making a goal of doing it every day was unrealistic and I did not do it. The weekends are when I struggled most. I think 5 days a week is doable.

4. Turn Off Electronics by 10pm During the Week: Hello Netflix taking over my life! This is a major issue I tell you. I suffer from insomnia as it is, and add in Netflix… now I’m really not sleeping. My doctor told me to not look at my phone, computer or iPad a couple hours before bed because the light will affect my sleeping. At this point a couple hours is not realistic… I need to “shape” my behavior (as us behavior analysts say).

5. Swim and Get my Hair Wet- Enjoy Summer!: This one is just for fun! The past few years I’ve been so busy with life, that at the end of summer I’m always so disappointed that I didn’t enjoy it enough. This year I’m going to spend more time at the pool and actually jump in and have fun!

There’s my July for you! I would love to hear your goals for the month. Please share!

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