Health Benefits of Pineapple

health benefits of pineappleLately I’ve been hearing so much about how pineapple is a super food. I’ve always thought I was allergic to it because whenever I ate it, I would get bumps on my tongue and it would feel weird. Someone told me that happened because I didn’t allow the pineapple to ripen enough. Ever since then I let my pineapple sit out until the outside gets yellowish and I have never had bumps again!

Pineapple has many healing properties for the body. This is a fruit we should all try to eat on a regular basis! Here are some key health benefits pineapple provides:

  1. Immune Support: Pineapple is high in vitamin c which helps keep our immune systems healthy and free of illness. Pineapple also has bromelain , which helps fight against microbial infections.
  2. Prevents Free Radical Damage: Pineapple is high in antioxidants which help prevent cell damage. Antioxidants help prevent diseases.
  3. Strong Bones: Pineapple contains large amounts of manganese which helps strengthen bones and connective tissues.
  4. Digestion: Pineapple is high in vitamin c, bromelain, and dietary fiber which all promote healthy digestion.
  5. Heart Health: Antioxidants help lower cholesterol levels; preventing heart disease.
  6. Relieves Nausea: Pineapple juice can help alleviate nausea or morning sickness. This is helpful during pregnancy or for motion sickness.
  7. Fights Inflammation: Bromelain helps remove toxins in the body, which reduces inflammation. Regular consumption of pineapple can help alleviate arthritis symptoms.
  8. Lower Risk of Macular Degeneration: High in vitamin a and beta carotene can help vision and reduce risk of macular degeneration.
  9. Body Detox: Pineapple is high in fiber, antioxidants and enzymes, this will help the body detox from metals and other toxins,
  10. Whiter Teeth: The bromelain will help remove plaque from teeth; therefore regular consumption can help whiten teeth.

Try my Immune Boosting Smoothie!

Immune Boosting Smoothie

Sound like we all need to go buy some pineapples! Happy eating friends! 🙂

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