Essential Oils 101: Getting Started

essential-oils-101I’m so excited about this post today! I’ve wanted to learn about essential oils and how to use them, but didn’t know where to begin. If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I posted a picture asking about essential oils. I had so many responses and all of them positive! One of my instagram friends (@theoilynurse) is an RN, has celiac disease and is a wellness advocate for dōTERRA essential oils. Wow I don’t think it gets better than that! Talk about someone who can help educate us and understands how we have to modify our life since having celiac. I asked her if she would want to be a part of this post and she was happy to share her knowledge on essential oils.

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

A: My name is Diane Buendia. On the internet I am known as The Oily Nurse. I am a Wellness Advocate and a Registered Nurse. I’ve been a nurse for more than 15 years now and my passion is truly to educate and empower others, specifically where it involves their health and wellness. I live in sunny Southern California, I’ve been married to my best friend for almost 10 years. I have two grown step-kids and a young son that I homeschool.

Q: How did you get involved using essential oils?

A: I didn’t know I had Celiac disease until the age of 40. The amount of damage done to my small intestines in those 40 years is significant. Therefore I still struggle with digestion and especially absorption. I also have Interstitial Cystitis and many things I put in my mouth end up causing tremendous bladder pain. So taking things by mouth can be a real problem for me. That’s what first interested me most about essential oils—the fact that you don’t have to ingest by mouth to use them and benefit from them.

Additionally I was suffering horribly from side effects of medications I was given. My doctors never wanted to get to the root of my health issues. They only wanted to treat symptoms and deal with the surface issues. I finally chose to turn away from all those medications and have managed my health holistically and naturally and I am so much healthier and happier because of it!! Did you know that globally we spend a whopping $6.5 Trillion on healthcare every year, yet we aren’t getting healthier?? Studies show that we are getting unhealthier at an alarming rate.

Q: What is an essential oil?

A: *Essential oils are the volatile, hydrophobic, liquids that are distilled from plants. There are many essential oils and they all can be made from different parts of the plants, such as seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, fruits, etc.

Q: How do you use essential oils?

A: There are three main ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils. The first is aromatic use. This simply means you’re inhaling the essential oil into your lungs. Diffusers are great for this, but you can also simply open the bottle & take a whiff or put a drop in the palm of your hand and inhale it deeply. The second way is topical use. This means you are applying it to your skin. The best place to apply is the bottom of your feet because these are the largest pores in your body and they readily uptake the essential oils. And lastly you can use them internally, taking them by mouth. You can put them in drinking water or empty capsules, or even take them sublingually under your tongue.

Q: So I’ve never used essential oils, where do I even begin?

A: I would highly recommend attending a class & requesting free samples to try out.  I teach free classes online. It’s important to narrow down your health goals & find solutions that work for you to achieve those goals. There are so many different oils that it is good to learn about them first.


Q: What are your five favorite essential oils and why?

A: 1. The Protective Blend (OnGuard) because it boosts our immunity.  It can help us fight off colds/germs & is invaluable for me & my family.

2. The Digestive Blend (DigestZen) because it really helps my son & I with digestive issues due to having celiac disease.

3. Cardamom because it helps with the spasms & pain that come if my son or I have been accidentally “glutened”.  It also helps with menstrual cramps!

4. The Cellular Complex Blend (DDR Prime) because it helps to repair damaged DNA, which is so common with autoimmune issues.  (DDR actually stands for Damaged DNA Repair).

5. Citrus Bliss because it smells like heaven & makes me relax & tames my son’s tantrums!

There are so many more I could go on about…’s so hard to narrow down!!

Q: Where do I buy dōTERRA essential oils and how much are they?

A: To buy you go to my website, You have the option of buying retail or wholesale.  I always recommend buying wholesale because it saves you a minimum of 25% off of retail price.  The wholesale account also comes with an optional Loyalty Rewards Program that can save you even more money, as much as 55% off of retail price!

Thank you so much Diane for sharing this helpful info on essential oils! In addition to selling oils, Diane also teaches online classes about using essential oils. For more information you can find Diane at:

*Disclaimer: The statements Diane makes about essential oils only apply to dōTERRA brand essential oils. There are many brands out there and they are not all created equal. Both purity and quality are, well, essential, in an essential oil. dōTERRA’s stringent third party testing and world-wide sourcing ensure the absolute best when it comes to both purity and quality. She also is not a medical doctor, and cannot diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. All the information she’s giving you is based upon personal research and experience.


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