September Goals

hello septemberHappy September! Wow this year is flying by! September is my birthday month, so naturally it’s my favorite month! 🙂 This summer went by so fast. Luckily in Southern California, September is a warm month so I still have time to enjoy the beach/pool. Before I get into my September goals, let’s see how I did in August:

aug goals

1. Text less, call more: I did okay on this. I’ll be honest, I’m a texter (is that a word?). I tend to be busy, therefore I can text while doing other things (not driving though). I made an effort to call people while I was driving home from work. I have a hard time justifying sitting around doing nothing and talking on the phone. I know, I shouldn’t feel this way but sadly I do. So, technically driving and talking is still multitasking for me!

2. Make Church/Religion a priority: I did okay on this too. I know this is something I need to strive to do better. I think I mentioned to you that I am Greek Orthodox and we will be getting married in the church, therefore Erik needs to get baptized in order to get married Orthodox. He has been rocking his bible classes and reading his book/watching his videos. I told him I’d do them with him, but haven’t been as involved as I should. We only went to church one time in August. This month I’m going to make this a priority and can’t allow myself to get caught up in life and get busy.

3. Pick/narrow bridesmaid dresses: Done! I was having a hard time pleasing everyone with the style I liked, therefore I decided to just give them a color and told them to pick a dress they are comfortable in. My only guidelines were that the dress is a specific color, long and formal. I hope this will make my girls happy to pick whatever they love!

4. Go to the beach/pool: Yay I made it to the beach once! I’m sad it was only once, but at least I got there! I would like to go one more time before the summer ends.


5. Do Barre 4-5x/week: Done! If you follow me on a regular basis, then you know working out is something I love and a big part of my life. I’m a hug fan of the Lagree method (a type of Pilates) but this summer I decided to stop Pilates and do Barre to compare the results (I’ll do a post on this in the future). There are many types of Barre workouts out there, but I’ve been doing Pure Barre and I’m loving it (I’ll do a post on that too!). I think I’m going to stick with Barre and see what happens!

Overall I did pretty well with my goals, but not as good as I’d like. This month I need to step up! Here are my September goals:

September Goals


1. Read More: I love reading, but it’s something I don’t make time for. I’m a big nerd and school was always something I loved, so when I read I typically pick self-help books or some type of educational book that will teach me something. This month I’m going to read more, whether it be a self-help book or something just for pleasure.

2. Have friends over for dinner: Going out to eat is hard for me because of Celiac and often either have to pick the restaurant (to make sure it’s Celiac-safe) or bring in my own food (which I don’t love doing, but do often). I love entertaining (I come from a mom who is the master of entertaining) and cooking for people. This month I want to have dinner parties with friends.

3. Register for wedding: This is pretty self explanatory. I have an idea on where I want to register, I just need to go do it now. Okay, is it weird that Erik doesn’t want to come register? He said whatever I want he will love and that I should make it a fun girls day with my mom. I’m not sure if I love how easy going he is or if it’s weird he doesn’t want to come?! Any thoughts??

4. Back to the Barre challenge: Pure Barre is having a “Back to the Barre Challenge” after summer from Sept 1-Oct 5 to see how many classes you can take and you receive different perks for each milestone. I don’t want to commit to a specific number of classes I will take, but I signed up for the challenge and am going to try my best!

5. Find a work-life balance: I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared in detail what I do for a living. To keep it brief, I’m a Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and I work with individuals (mainly children and teens) with Autism. I love what I do and I love making a difference in others lives, but lately I’m staring to get burnt out and mentally/emotionally drained. I’m going on my 9th year in the field and want to make sure I can be the best person for myself and clients, therefore I need to make finding a balance a priority. My goal this month is to figure this out.

I find it very helpful to keep me aware and accountable for my goals by sharing them with you. I highly recommend sharing your monthly goals! Please feel free to email me about them or share in the comments for everyone to read!


  1. Mattie @ Comfy & Confident says:

    These are great goals! It is good to set an intention and focus on something. I like it because it helps to keep me balanced and more present. I tend to plan months and months ahead instead of thinking about the couple days or weeks coming up.

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