Happy Monday!


Hi Friends! I know last week I didn’t post at all…I’m really sorry about that! Life has been a little crazy. I never knew planning a wedding was so stressful (and we haven’t even decided anything)!

I don’t know what stresses me out more, everyone’s opinions or trying to figure out what we really want. I’m a people pleaser and I know even though everyone says do what makes us happy, I do feel like a wedding is about family too so I’m trying to figure out what’s best for everyone. Our options are a small destination wedding or the traditional big Greek wedding! I know, total opposites!

Even though I said opinions stress me out…if you’re married or have helped planned a wedding, I’d love to hear your thoughts (what you learned, what you loved, what you regret)! 🙂

Enough wedding talk! Keep an eye out for new content this week! New recipes, lifestyle tips and more coming!

Happy Monday!!




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