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I had planned on sharing my workout routine with you for a while now and then the quarantine happened and my entire routine (and life!) got turned upside down.

Prior to the quarantine I would attend Pure Barre classes and switch off between using our rowing machine and using the community HOA gym for cardio. I’ve always been a huge fan of attending fitness classes- in college I always took aerobics classes as electives and over the years have done pilates and Pure Barre. In-person classes hold me accountable, push me harder (I’m a competitive person!), I love the energy of working out around others and I’ve met some incredible women along the way. 

I’ve also always had a gym membership since high school, but in all honesty I don’t love the gym. Besides cardio, I often feel like I spend too much time figuring out what to do or waiting to use equipment since it’s so crowded. Whereas, I love attending classes where I can get a full body workout in about 50 mins and don’t have to think about what to do.

My personal preference is using light weights/resistance bands and focusing on low-impact workouts.

Then the quarantine came and I had to figure out my new fitness routine. I pulled out some of my favorite old “dvd’s” (HA…. yes I still use them!)  and YouTube workouts and started mixing up my cardio at home… and I LOVE it! Even though our gyms and some fitness classes are back open here in Arizona, I’m enjoying my routine so much at home that I’m going to stick with it!



I walk outside every single day. I don’t really do it for cardio (but it’s a great exercise too!) but more so for time to clear my head and focus on myself. Prior to the Arizona hot season (yes, it’s almost half of the year! HA) I would walk two times a day, in the morning by myself (not long, just through the neighborhood) and then in the evenings with Erik. Now that we’re already in triple digits here and it rarely cools off in the evenings, we stopped our evening walk but wake up early (hello 5am!) and go on one long walk. The neighborhood we live in has so many paths and trails- that we try to do around 4 miles each morning.

When I walk by myself I always listen to Podcasts. I often try to find ones that are inspiring and use it as a little bit of “self help” time- it really is a great, motivating way for me to start the day. 

And then when Erik and I walk together we always use that as a time to catch up on our day and reconnect without any distractions- no phones, emails, tv, calls, social media, work, etc. It’s really my favorite part of the day and a really important part of our relationship that we’ve been doing since we got married. 


For Christmas we bought a Hydrow Machine– it’s the Peloton of rowing machines. It’s a rower that has a large tv/computer monitor attached to the front so you can either do live rows with instructors or select one from the many pre-recorded rows. The thing I love most about it is that you’re not just watching an instructor lead the row in a class, but they’re actually rowing on the water. When you’re rowing through Miami or Boston a 30 minute workout goes by so fast! Just like the Peloton it is a pricey investment and there is an annual (or monthly fee- we did the annual membership but I believe it’s $38 a month) fee that covers all the classes (row and on the mat). Prior to getting the Hydrow, I had a Pure Barre membership which is almost $200 a month, so overtime we felt the Hydrow was a great investment for us since Erik and I both use it.


Oh my beloved trampoline! This is a workout that I’ve been doing since my freshman year of college. It’s compact, fun, cheap and gives you a great workout! I remember my college roommates used to make fun of my trampoline… and guess what?! By the end of the semester they bought one too! HA. I will do an entire post on the trampoline because there is so much more to it than just bouncing for exercise because rebounding is a great way to stimulate your lymphatic system which flushes out toxins and is great for your immune system. Even just 10 minutes a day can help your lymphatic system! For me personally, I love doing it when I watch reality tv- it’s how I justify watching it… it’s part of my health routine! HA

Toning/Strength Training:

Metamorphosis by Tracy Anderson:

 Hands down this is by far my favorite and go-to home workout. No joke, I bought this dvd off an infomercial back in college and have used it ever since! Good thing my laptop has a place to play dvds since we don’t have a player at home! Everyone laughs at me that I still use this old school dvd… but I love it! Over the years I’ve tried so many different fitness classes, apps, dvds and nothing compares to this one. If you’re unfamiliar with the Tracy Anderson Method, I just need to be honest… people either love it or absolutely hate it. Her style is very quick repetitive moves with little instruction! The first couple times I had to watch it closely, but then once I learned her style, moves and timing, I was then able to mute it and play my own music and follow along fine. This specific dvd you complete the same workout for 10 days before moving on to the next. Personally I get the best results from her workouts over any others I’ve tried.

Pure Barre OnDemand:

I have two Pure Barre DVDs that I’ve had for years and love, but I couldn’t find them anywhere for you to buy online (these are similar), but they do have Pure Barre Go App ($29.99/mo)- Live-stream classes or select various recorded classes that range in time or body part. I’m a huge fan of Pure Barre, and have been a member at their studio for years. Since getting our Hydrow and the quarantine I have stopped my membership but find these dvds/online classes to be just as effective. For those of you unfamiliar with Pure Barre, it’s focused on low-impact, high intensity movements that lift and tone muscles to improve strength, agility and flexibility based on ballet principles. In class many of the moves are done at the barre, but when working out at home I use a chair or wall depending on the workout.

Hydrow On the Mat:

On the Hydrow screen they offer yoga, pilates, strength training, fitness challenges and plans. I love this option because I can literally just pull up my yoga mat next to my Hydrow machine and follow along with an instructor and it feels like a personal training session. Not only are they great workouts, but it makes me feel like I’m fully utilizing everything Hydrow has to offer. My personal favorites are the Pilates Arms and Pilates Legs, but they have so many different strength training programs that Erik does as well!

Favorite YouTube Workouts:

If I don’t have time to do a complete workout, I always try to do a YouTube exercise video. I’ve put together some of my favorites for you to check out! 


Tracy Campoli Bat Wings

Tracy Campoli Bat Wings Part II

Tracy Anderson Sculpted Arms and Shoulders


Tracy Anderson Long, Lean Legs

Blogilates Perfect Legs Workout


Tracy Campoli Best Lower ABS workout!

Tracy Campoli TRACY’S Secret Weapons How to get a tiny waist and lose your love handles!

Blogilates 5 Minute Flat Abs!

Full Body:

Blogilates Total Body Pilates Workout

Blogilates Lean & Sculpted Body

Pure Barre Pure Foundations

Favorite Affordable Equipment:

Mini Trampoline -this is the one I have- I just don’t have the safety pad on mine. I love it because it’s quiet since there are tension bands instead of springs

Exercise Ball -Erik and I both use this. I also love sitting on it at my desk while working for a little more core work and I notice it helps my posture.

Weights -I only use 2 or 3 pound weights. That’s the amount Tracy Anderson and Pure Barre recommends since you do many reps with no rest between and I feel toned and strong with them!

Yoga Mat

Resistance Bands

Random Facts about my Workout Routine:

  • I do 4-5 days a week of cardio- in addition to walking daily
  • I do 3-4 days a week of strength training/toning
  • I always workout in the morning! I do this for a few reasons: I have more energy in the morning, once I get it done I don’t have to worry about finding time the rest of the day, after I can shower and get ready for the day and mainly because it just sets my tone for the rest of my day. 
  • I do NOT count calories or worry about anything related to my diet other than making sure I follow a strict gluten free/dairy free diet due to celiac and health reasons. As far as diet, I try to eat as nutritious as possible which controls my autoimmune disease, however, I do believe in moderation and absolutely enjoy gluten free sweets (and chips- they’re my weakness!) from time to time. 
  • Exercise is more of a stress reliever and “me time” than it is to try and have a “good” body. 
  • I personally don’t do well with high-impact workouts. From my research and personal experience, oftentimes high-impact workouts can negatively affect those with autoimmune diseases. I know this is different from everyone, but I do notice I don’t feel well after I do an intense workout (like CrossFit, HIIT, even kickboxing).
  • Working out has been part of my daily routine since high school and I genuinely enjoy it and look forward to each morning!

Now I want to hear from you!

Has your fitness routine changed because of the quarantine?

Do you prefer working out at a gym/fitness class or at home?

What’s your favorite work out?

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