Gluten Free Restaurant Finder App

Gluten Free Restaurant Finder App

I know how much eating out with celiac can turn into an ordeal…finding a restaurant, making sure they understand cross-contamination and hoping you have a good experience. Well… stress no longer… I use an app every time I choose a new restaurant to eat at, and you should be using it too!

The app… “Find me Gluten Free”


It’s free! Yay!


Click on the three lines in the upper left corner. Then you can select “local” (near you), “Address” (type a city in), “Name” (find the exact restaurant), etc. Then Press select.

gluten free restaurant finder app

In the upper right corner, click “Filter”. Then you can narrow it down form here. I like to select “Category”.

gluten free restaurant app finder

Here you can narrow down your search to specific items. I always like to turn on “Dedicated gf facility” and “Dedicated kitchen space”. But select what works best for you!

Then pops up a list of places that fit your criteria.

gluten free restaurant finder app

You can click on one and it will give you the address, phone number, website and any additional info provided.

gluten free restaurant finder app

You can even read reviews!

This app has really helped me when figuring out where to eat. I hope you find it helpful!

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  1. Jenn says:

    This is AMAZING! Thank you. I’m not celiac, but I have a wheat allergy. It’s so frustrating trying to find places to eat. This is going to become my favorite new app.

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