Where & How to Donate Your Hair

where and how to donate your hair

We are all taught to not let our appearance define who we are. And yes, while I agree with that, I also think often times how we look plays a large role on how we feel. For females, our hair often makes s feel feminine and pretty. I can relate to this first hand.

After getting diagnosed with Celiac I was experiencing a large amount of hair loss. Symptoms are different for everyone, but for me when I eat gluten my hair falls out… in handfuls! This was devastating for me and never gets easier. I remember everyone told me just to cut my hair so it won’t upset me so bad when it falls…I was upset about that. My hair?! I’ve always had such long thick hair, and that makes me feel pretty. It was like all these changes were happening to my body and I was trying to hold on to my hair because that made me feel like myself; seeing my long hair in the mirror.

I remember being sick one day and making a promise to myself that when I have my health under control and feel like myself again, I’m going to cut my hair and donate it.

Now it’s been four years and I have a handle on my illness, so my hair doesn’t fall out as often. I’ve learned to accept Celiac and now realize that my hair doesn’t make me feel prettier.

Where and how to donate your hair

After researching many places to donate my hair I decided to go with a charity called “Children with Hair loss”

The reason I chose CWHL is because ALL children with medically-related hair loss can qualify. To this day they have never charged a child and they provide customized human hair replacement and care kit for over 300 children a year!

Requirements for Donating Hair:

  • Hair should be at least 8 inches in length or longer is preferred.
  • Hair must be clean and dry, pony-tailed and/or braided (this keeps the hair in one direction).
  • Place rubberband or pony tail holder on each end.
  • Non-chemically treated hair is preferred (but any hair in good condition will be accepted).
  • Gray hair is accepted.
  • Print hair donation form
  • Place donation form and hair in ziplock bag and mail to Children with Hair Loss
    • Address: Children With Hair Loss / 12776 Dixie Hwy / S. Rockwood MI 48179

You can print a Hair Donation Form here!


Do you ever feel like your hair defines you or makes you feel more feminine?

Have you ever donated your hair?

Would you ever chop it off and donate it?

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