May Goals

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Happy May! I have a feeling this is going to be a great month! ūüôā

Before I dive into my May goals, let’s review how I did in April…


1. Start process to change name:¬†Done! Well I started the process, but not everything has changed yet. So far I’ve done the social security office and dmv. Now I need to do everything else! It’s such a pain to be completely honest! I’m hoping this month to complete everything else.

2. Unplug at 8:00 pm during the week:¬†Ha! Ya, I’ve decided this is impossible. I’ve noticed the bigger issue is social media, so this month I’m going to work on that. Ohh… I have a new trick that has been helping me sleep and goes along with this one. At night before I go to bed I’ve been putting my phone on “Air Plane Mode”. This helps so when I sleep I won’t get woken up with emails or texts (calls too)… and my alarm still goes off in the morning.

3.¬†Incorporate essential oils daily:¬†This month I want to really dive deep in this, BUT we’ve been using the diffuser at night with lavender essential oil in it and I SWEAR it helps me sleep better! I love hearing the sound of the water bubbling too. I also have been using the DoTerra “Deep Blue Lotion” on my neck and shoulders before bed after a stressful day, and it helps to relax me and soothes my muscles.

4. Spend more time with Yia Yia: In April I saw her once a week and it has been wonderful! I took her some of my Greek Easter Cookies and she couldn’t even tell they were gluten free!!

5. Go meatless 3x/week: I would say we went meatless 2-3x/week and loved it! I really think we are going to try to continue going meatless 1-2x/week. I just need to figure out alternative ways of getting protein since I tend to be anemic.

Overall April was a great month! Here’s what I’m hoping to get done in May:

may goals

1. Find healthy snacks:¬†You all know I’m a snacker, so I need to find some new healthy ones. Please share if you have ideas!

2. BBQ more often: The weather has been so nice lately in southern CA, so I want to enjoy being outside more and BBQing is a great way to do that!

3. Go for walks:¬†In the couple months that I’ve been married, I’ve learned that walks are a great time for Erik and I to get quality time to talk. Not only is exercise, but it’s a great time to be alone without our phones ringing, emails, etc.

4. No social media after dinner: I’ve decided I can’t completely unplug at night because I hate waking up to lots of emails, but not being on social media is something that’s realistic. I’m all about having quality time at night with Erik since we are so busy always! Please hold me accountable… if you see me posting, commenting or liking pics at night, call me out on it! HA

5. NO SODA…ever!:¬†I never drink soda at home because we don’t buy it, but I noticed when I’m out I’ll get diet coke (I know, it’s so bad for you!). I feel like lately I justify it by saying “I only get one when I’m out, which isn’t often”. But still…soda is bad and I want to give it up 100%!

There you have it, my goals for the month!


What is one thing you hope to accomplish this month??


  1. Rebecca Jo says:

    I will tell you – I was a total Diet Coke addict – straight up ADDICT. It was sparkling seltzer water that got me off of it – & while its an acquired taste, you’ll learn to love it & it WILL help you get off soft drinks.

    • msmodify says:

      That’s a great tip! It’s crazy because when I was in college I took a class on addiction and for an assignment we had to give something up and journal our feelings every day for a month. One classmate gave up Diet Coke, and he said his withdrawals\cravings were worse with soda than when he quitted smoking! So crazy! Soda truly is poison!

    • msmodify says:

      I’m on the hunt for healthy snacks! I would love you to share with me your recipe for homemade trail mix!

    • msmodify says:

      I love that walking not only is exercise, but it also clears my head and is a great way to get quality time with my husband!

    • msmodify says:

      I’m glad I’m not alone! I literally gave it up for months and then when we were in the Bahamas I was over drinking alcohol and by the pool/beach they would give tap water so I started drinking soda… now I’m back at it! It’s a slippery slope! Ha

    • msmodify says:

      It’s crazy how much time social media takes away from our life! Now I just need to get my husband on board to get that quality time! Ha

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