Sunscreen Routine

Sunscreen Routine

Happy Friday! I don’t know about where you are… but here in Arizona summer is in full swing! Yesterday was 110! Yes, you read that right…110!

This will be my first summer being in Arizona, so I’m preparing myself for a hot one! Everyone keeps telling me how it’s great since Arizona is “dry heat”… yes, that’s right it is… but I don’t care how dry it is, 110 is hot! I’m used to Orange County, CA where it stays pretty consistently “nice” all summer with a sprinkle of a few hot days (not 110 hot!)

I’ve always worn sunscreen on my face everyday (thanks mom!), but since living here I’ve been literally applying it all over everyday. Even though I have olive skin and don’t burn often, I’m still very concerned about protecting my skin from the sun.

The combination of the sun and dryness here in Arizona has really made me step up my sunscreen/after-sun routine! Since I always love seeing what products others use, I thought I’d share mine with you today!

On top of these being gluten free, they’re also safer options (less toxins). Did you hear about that new study that found it took just one day of use for several common sunscreen ingredients to enter the bloodstream?! Yikes! You can read that study here.

sunscreen routine

I have really sensitive skin and have tried SO many different brands of sunscreen and foundation, and so far these are my favorites!

I wear this Coola mineral sunscreen everyday (regardless of the season). I put it on first before I apply my makeup. What I love about this one is that it’s tinted, so it doesn’t apply white like many mineral sunscreens do. Also, it’s SO lightweight and matte, so there is no sticky/greasy residue on my face.

100% Pure is my favorite makeup brand (I’ll do another post in the future about my favorite cosmetics). Typically during the year I wear a different foundation of theirs, but when it’s hot out I prefer their BB cream. It’s medium to full coverage, but also has SPF 15 in it. Can’t get enough protection from the sun!

sunscreen routine

I’m a big fan of the Think Dirty App  (If you don’t already have it, you need to download it ASAP!- It gives you easy-to-understand info on the product, its ingredients, and shop cleaner options). I was shocked to see some of the “healthier” brands of sunscreen actually weren’t and they had a high score on the Think Dirty App (higher the number {1-10}, the more toxic). After a lot of research and trying different products, as of now ThinkSport is my favorite sunscreen. I use both the Everyday Face and the SPF 50.

Since the Coola face sunscreen is a little pricey (but 100% worth it!), I don’t use it when I’m by the pool/beach/lake/hiking/etc. For instances like those, ThinkSun is my choice. I love that it’s tinted as well, so it’s easy to rub in (many mineral sunscreens are not).  The ThinkSport 50 does require you to rub in it well since it’s a little on the thicker side and white, but it’s doable and then dries non-greasy.

Since I don’t burn easily, it’s always hard to tell if a sunscreen truly works. But… the big test in our house is Erik! Poor Erik turns red just stepping outside and it never turns into a tan. So, he’s the real sunscreen tester in our house! He used ThinkSport when we were at the lake all day (and did reapply a couple times)… and he DID NOT burn!! He uses it everyday now and says he likes it and never feels greasy. We saw they sell it at REI, so you know it must get the job done!

Sunscreen Routine

I never had an “after-sun” routine, but now in Arizona I do! It’s been engrained in me since being a child to protect and take care of skin (my grandma had the best skin, as does my mom!)

Coconut oil is my best friend! I use it to take off my eye make-up (I’ll do a post on my skincare routine in the future too!) but I also use it after the shower and lather it on my entire body. This has been a game changer with the dry weather here! It’s inexpensive, non-toxic and really moisturizing.

If you’ve been a reader here for a long time, then you  know I’ve talked about Everyday Coconut Face Cream. I prefer the night time cream (even though I have a whole night routine with other products) just because it’s a little thicker (I still wouldn’t consider it thick though). I use this at least twice a day (especially in the summer). I use it when I wake up and then again after I shower.

That’s what I use, LOVE and recommend! I would love to hear your recommendations!


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