Second Trimester Update

I’m officially in the last week of my second trimester and so I’d thought I’d give you an update on how everything is going. I can’t believe next week I’ll be in my third trimester and in the homestretch of this pregnancy! Wow! Where is the time going?!

How I’m Feeling Overall:

Honesty, I’m feeling great! So far I’ve felt great this entire pregnancy, yes, even in the first trimester! Of course there are little things I experience that definitely remind me that I’m pregnant, but nothing to complain about. 

Going into this pregnancy I was really nervous about how I would feel, especially since I’m considered a “high-risk pregnancy” due to my autoimmune diseases. I’m so grateful and remind myself that God truly doesn’t give me more than I can handle. I feel like I’ve been through so much with my celiac and ITP, that he has blessed me with an enjoyable pregnancy (so far!).

Being pregnant in the middle of summer in Arizona has been a little challenging, especially having to wear a mask when I’m out due to COVID. A couple of times I was out with my mask in over 110 degrees heat and it took my breath away, so I’ve had to remind myself that I’m pregnant and need to take it easy. 

COVID has definitely added a layer of stress (I’ll address below) but, on the positive side, it’s made me stay home much more and really take care of myself.

Baby Movement:

Baby boy likes to party! Ha. In the beginning of my second trimester I didn’t feel much movement. Every time I’d go to my doctor and he’d ask if I’ve felt movement yet and I’d say no, a part of me worried, but he reassured me that it was normal not to feel anything until after 20 weeks. I would say I started feeling him around 22-23 weeks and he hasn’t stopped since. He definitely moves more after I eat, when I do my meditation or when I’m trying to sleep! 

Feelings & Fears:

Platelets: I get my platelets checked every 4 weeks and although they’re still considered low (not in the normal range), they’ve stayed stable and not considered dangerously low. For those of you that haven’t been following along with me, I have ITP, an autoimmune blood disorder where my immune system attacks my platelets (platelets are cells that circulate in the blood and clot to keep us from bleeding). Low platelets can be problematic and dangerous during pregnancy due to a risk of hemorrhaging during delivery. I trust my doctor completely and we have discussed a plan on what we will do if they fall into that danger zone.

Where I’m currently at is that if your platelets drop below a certain number, you can’t have an epidural due to bleeding risk. Unfortunately, my platelets are close to that number so I’m preparing for a natural birth and then if before delivery they’re above that number, I will have the option of an epidural. 

In a weird way, although this is not something I wish I had to worry about/deal with, I’m actually calm and feel confident about everything. I’ve been preparing my mind/body for a chance I might not have an option for an epidural, I completely trust my doctor and Erik is the most supportive husband and really helps calm me down when I get anxious about it. 

COVID: Being pregnant and delivering a baby during a pandemic is definitely something I never imagined I’d have to experience (just like every other pregnant mama out there!), but it’s here and I need to be extra cautious and prepared for how that changes things. 

Luckily our doctor allows Erik to come to all the appointments- he feels your emotional/mental health is just as important as physical health, so he encourages birth partners to attend all appointments. 

As far as my health and taking precautions with COVID, we’ve been extremely cautious. I literally have not seen anyone in person besides Erik, my doctor, and my immediate family (they’re very careful and are practicing safe social distancing measures too). I only go out when it’s necessary and very aware of my surroundings. 

We saw my doctor yesterday and he did inform us that the hospital I will be giving birth at currently has very strict COVID rules- mandatory testing upon arrival (but the test could take 24+ hrs to get the results back), only the birth partner allowed and once he’s in the room he can’t leave, and masks required during labor. The mask during labor is something I wasn’t prepared to hear and worry this will be problematic if I have a natural birth since the mask affects my breathing. However, I’m optimistic that by November things may be better and change, but, if they’re not I’ll do whatever it takes to have a safe and healthy birth for myself and our baby.

Body Changes & Symptoms: 

Weight Gain: In my first trimester I didn’t gain any weight, and as of yesterday when I got weighed at the doctor I’ve gained a total of 14.5lbs and I’m 27 weeks. He told me that I’m right on track for the recommended weight gain and all is good! 

Leg Cramps: Leg cramps started during the beginning of my second trimester and boy do they hurt! I would get a sharp pain in my calf at night when sleeping, and then even the next day my calf would be sore. My doctor recommended I increase my magnesium, so I bought a magnesium lotion and that really helped! Prior to the lotion, I would get the cramps almost nightly, now I’ll maybe get one once a week or every other week. 

Round Ligament Pain: This is something I’ve never heard of before, but when I first experienced round ligament pain it freaked me out because it was a strong pain on my lower side. I would get them most often when I was working out, especially on my long walks. My doctor assured me that’s a very normal symptom in pregnancy because my uterus is stretching and he recommended I buy a belly band. Since getting the belly band (so far I only wear it when I exercise) I haven’t had the pain since. 

Constant Need to Pee: Okay… my need to pee is no joke! I really don’t think there is much explaining needed other than I wake up multiple times a night to use the bathroom and our road trips home to California are not fun when I have to pee a million times! Ha


 Erik and I walk about 4 miles 5-6 days a week. We wake up at 4:45 to beat the Arizona heat and we see some pretty incredible sunrises as a result (If you follow me on Instagram I often post them)!

Starting in my second trimester I also do The Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project workout 4-5 days a week. It’s targeted specifically for each month of pregnancy- so I do the same workout a month straight and then move to the next. I’m a huge fan of hers, so I love this while I’m pregnant. 

Food Aversions & Cravings:

I have no food aversions… let’s be real… I love all food! Ha

 I can’t get enough fruit lately and anything spicy (but that’s not new to pregnancy- I always loved spicy!)

I’m actually not craving ice cream or baked goods, but I have been loving fruit dipped in chocolate! My new favorite treat is my frozen chocolate covered almond butter banana bites! (I think Erik is loving my craving for them too!)

How I’m Preparing for Delivery:

Hypnobirthing: I read a hypnobirthing book and the past couple weeks Erik and I have started an online hypnobirthing class. This is the method I’ve chosen to help prepare me for delivery (especially if I end up having a natural one) and so far I’m loving it and learning so much! With this, I also do daily relaxation meditations and practice my breathing techniques. 

Positive Affirmations: This is a big part of hypnobirthing- it’s all about focusing on the positive and staying in control and calm. Every day while I’m in the shower and getting ready I listen to positive pregnancy/birth affirmations. My hypnobirthing course provides a download for this, but I’ve also found many on YouTube that I love.

Doula: We have hired a doula that will (fingers crossed because of COVID) be at my delivery to help me through it. Although I haven’t met her in person yet, I’ve talked to her on the phone and through zoom. She’s been a great resource and support so far! There is a chance she won’t be allowed at the hospital due to COVID, but I’m optimistic things will change by November. 

How We’re Preparing for Baby:

Besides doing our Hypnobirthing course, we haven’t done much as far as buying stuff or decorating the nursery yet. We’re having a shower (drive-by) in a few weeks, so once we have that we will get the rest of the stuff we need for him. The nursery is also on our to-do list!

How’s Erik?

He is great! If you know Erik in real life or just through this online world from what I share here and on social media, then you know Erik is a solid guy. He’s always the constant in my life and can always make me feel so calm and confident, even when I doubt myself. Although he’s been working a lot and has a lot of pressure there, he always shows up for me (and now baby boy!). He has never missed one doctor’s appointment, watches the hypnobirthing class even when he’s exhausted, he’s been going to Costco and doing the major grocery shopping (which is something I’ve always one) because he doesn’t want me to get exposed to COVID, he helps me practice my breathing techniques, reads bible stories to our baby at night and is just so excited for his arrival! I can’t wait to see him be a dad, I just know they’re going to be best buddies!

What I’m Looking Forward to:

We’re having our baby shower in a few weeks, and although it’s a drive-by, I’m so excited to see all our family and friends! I’m also looking forward to decorating baby boy’s nursery in the coming weeks. 

I know that was a long post, but so much to update you all on! Thank you SO much for following along with our journey!! If you have any advice for a first time mama, please share! Or, if you have any questions about my pregnancy (so far) that I didn’t cover here, I’m happy to answer them!

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