Second Trimester Must-Haves

My second trimester came and went just as fast as my first trimester did! I can’t believe how this pregnancy is flying by (I’m 30 weeks today!). I’m still feeling great, but definitely am feeling certain aspects of pregnancy that I didn’t during the first trimester.

I’m still focusing on having a positive mindset and continuing my natural lifestyle (you can read more about this in my first trimester must-haves and second trimester update).

Here’s a list of some things I’ve been using and doing, all which have helped tremendously and I highly recommend:

Belly Band: 

Have you heard of round ligament pain? I sure didn’t know what it was until I experienced it! Around 23 weeks I started getting pain on my lower sides of my stomach, particularly when exercising. This pain comes and goes, and when I asked my doctor about it he let me know it’s called “round ligament pain” and completely normal due to my uterus stretching. He recommended I wear a belly band when working out to provide support. This is the one I bought & it instantly solved the problem! I wear it every time I go walking or work out. It’s also highly recommended for alleviating back pain (so far I haven’t had any, so I only wear it while exercising). 

Belly Band for Pants/Shorts: 

I was able to wear my “normal” clothes up until about 22 weeks and then my pants started getting tight. Since they fit fine all over besides in the waist, I decided to buy a belly band rather than maternity pants/shorts. It holds my pants/shorts together and also provides a little support for my growing belly. So far it’s been working out great for me!

Body Oil: 

I tried a few different types of oils (including pure cocoa butter and coconut oil), but I either didn’t like the smell or was way too greasy all day with them, so I decided to try BioOil and love it! It has a really light, pleasant scent and goes on very greasy but then gets absorbed fairly fast. I use this every day after I get out of the shower and by the time I get dressed I’m not greasy.

Body Butter: 

In addition to BioOil, I also use Primally Pure’s body butter. They have a few different scents but I use and love the almond vanilla (it smells like frosting!). I’ve been a huge fan of Primally Pure’s products for years (I swear by their deodorant– it’s the only natural brand that works for me here in the Arizona heat- Erik uses it too!). This body butter is thick and really moisturizes my skin. I apply this every night before bed and wake up still feeling very moisturized. It’s a little pricey, but completely worth it in my opinion!

Magnesium Gel: 

I’ve been very blessed not to have many unpleasant symptoms this pregnancy, but one thing I have had is leg cramps in the middle of the night. If you’ve had these, then you know what I’m talking about! Some nights they’re so painful, that the next day my calf is sore. My doula recommended I rub Magnesium Gel onto my calves each night, and wow has it helped! I went from getting them almost nightly to now maybe getting one every couple weeks.


Caffeine consumption during pregnancy is completely a personal choice, but after discussing it with my doctor I decided to stay away from it while pregnant. This was and still is hard for me. I love coffee! I tried so many different “pregnancy safe” teas and none of them were a good coffee replacement for me until I found this one! This particular type of tea (completely caffeine-free) is recommended if you are/were a coffee drinker since it tastes similar to black tea and is great with creamer (I put a splash of coconut milk in mine). 

Maternity Pillow:

Oh, how I love my maternity pillow! No joke, a part of me wants to keep using it after I have the baby because I sleep so well with it. Erik teases me and says the pillow is my new cuddle buddy in bed! What I love about this one is that it’s soft, but stays in place, so even if you switch sides, you won’t be smacking your partner in the face with it and it prevents you from rolling on to your back (which isn’t recommended after week 20). 

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project:

Exercise has always been a big part of my life and it’s no different being pregnant. I think regular exercise is a big factor as to why I feel so great this pregnancy. In my first trimester I did my normal workout routine, but starting the second trimester I shifted things a little. For cardio, rather than high-intensity cardio machines or my rowing machine that I have at home, we have been walking 3-5 miles 5-6 days a week in my neighborhood (this is also a great time for Erik and me to connect and have conversations about our birth plan, how we want to raise our child, etc). And then I do this workout DVD 4-5 times a week. I’ve always been a huge Tracy Anderson fan and love her method, so this program specifically designed for pregnancy has been perfect! There is a different DVD for each month of pregnancy, so the workouts/intensity change in order to support your growing belly. 

Hypnobirthing Class: 

I talked about Hypnobirthing and my reasoning for using this method for my labor/birth in my second trimester update, so be sure to read that if you want to know more. The course we did and the study I continue to practice through guided meditations, breathing exercises and positive affirmations is through The Positive Birth Company. Erik and I both enjoyed the online course and feel like we’re learned so much. I highly recommend it if you’re considering a natural birth or just want to empower yourself and make your pregnancy/birth a positive one. 

Books to Read to the Baby:

My mom bought me these books to read every day to my baby since he now can hear us! They’re all so sweet and have encouraged us to create a little routine to read to him and rub my belly each night. 

Hello in There! Poetry to Read to the Unborn Baby:

Read to your Baby Every Day:

MA! There’s Nothing to Do Here!:

For those of you in or approaching your second trimester, I hope you found these recommendations helpful!


Mamas/Mamas-To-Be what products did you find to be a lifesaver in your second trimester? 

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