Christmas Fun!

Yesterday in my social skills groups, we kicked off the week with a Christmas celebration! Each Monday since the first week of December, the kiddos in my first group have walked into the door asking “is it the Christmas party yet?”. Yesterday I was finally able to say “today’s the day friends!”. I run different groups for different age groups throughout the week, so I will be celebrating today, tomorrow and Thursday morning as well. Yay for holiday fun!


I found all these different foam Christmas shapes in the dollar section at target and then some sequins, pom poms and jeweled ribbon at Michael’s.



The finished products! I love seeing how creative they are! Please note the “rudolph gingerbread man” in the top right. 🙂

IMG_3104 (1)

I found this watercolor book for $1 at Michael’s! I love this type of book where you just need to add water and they can paint! I have them use q-tips so they can toss them out when they’re done.

I found this snowman advent calendar in the Target dollar section. I glued down the nose, cut out noses with orange construction paper and they played “pin the nose on frosty”.


They had a blast with this!

I gave them all little stockings with treats inside.

Our celebrate was a big success! I’m looking forward to repeating the fun all week!

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    • msmodify says:

      That sounds like fun! I have my school counselor degree too, but when I graduated there were no jobs so I went on and became a BCBA. I hope one day to work as a school counselor!

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