Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

valentine's day date ideas if you're gluten free

Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for restaurants. For most people, that sounds fun and exciting… but for those of us with celiac disease it sounds like higher risk of cross-contamination and chances to get sick.

There is no reason why Valentine’s Day shouldn’t still be fun and exciting. I’ve put together a list of ideas that DON’T involve restaurants!

1. Have a picnic (at the beach, park, lake…somewhere scenic)

2. Go wine tasting

3. Visit a museum

4. Get dressed up and see a play or ballet

5. Go to a concert

6. Get a couples massage

7. Go for a bike ride and find a place to picnic

8. See a basketball or hockey game

9. Go to a comedy club

10. Take an art class together

11. Take a dance class together

12. Spend the day hiking and enjoy the view

13. Movie night at home with popcorn and your favorite candy (make sure it’s gluten free candy!)

14. Go to a Drive-In movie

15. Go bowling, mini-golfing or go-karting

I hope this gives you some ideas for Valentine’s Day!


  • What’s your favorite non-restaurant date?

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