Life: I’m getting married!

ek1Even though you may know a little bit about me here and there, I thought I would do something completely different today and get personal!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know I got engaged a few days ago! Yup! Super exciting news! I’m getting married! It still doesn’t seem real.

I thought I would give you a little back story on my relationship with Erik. So, basically Erik and I have been together forever… literally! I think the theme of our engagement announcement has been “FINALLY!” lol.

I met Erik when I was 15 in biology class. We became friends instantly and starting dating my junior year (his senior year) of high school (I was 17). Then one year later we broke up when I went away to college. Even though we weren’t together, we always stayed friends.


This is his Senior (my junior) Prom

I moved back home and transferred schools, then at 20 Erik and I got back together one night at “The Wedge” in Newport Beach, Ca.

Our relationship has been built on a strong foundation of friendship. Literally we grew up together and have experienced so many individual changes together.

I always knew Erik would be in my life forever, but when I knew it would be as my husband was three years ago when I got diagnosed with Celiac disease. It was literally the hardest time of my life…physically, emotionally, mentally. I was really sick there for a while and was not myself. He never gave up on me, always trying to cheer me up. He even used to rub oils on my head when my hair was falling out! (← This is no joke)

Someone once told me true character comes out of people during the bad times… that’s why I say I knew then Erik was the man I would spend the rest of my life with. When I was unable to give our relationship or even myself 100%, he stepped up and gave me 150%.


I love him! 🙂

Okay, enough of that… on to the engagement!

So, Thursday night he told me we had a tax appointment to go over the business stuff (Erik owns his own business). We got there “early” so he said we should go walk around the beach since it was close by. We went to “The Wedge” and that’s when he proposed. (There was no tax appointment that night!..sneaky!)




This is literally my dream ring and no I wasn’t there to pick it out!  I have a feeling he got onto my secret Pinterest boards 🙂

So, now is where I need you help! I come from a big Greek family and am already feeling a little overwhelmed with planning a wedding. A part of me wants a small/intimate destination wedding, and then another part of me wants a traditional wedding. I would love your advice (especially if you’re married and already planned a wedding)! Let me know any destinations or venues (in southern Ca) you recommended!

I’m sure I’ll be sharing more as we go!


  1. Cheri Brenner says:

    You coukd always do a small wedding and have a big party a wk or two later.
    Congratulations Christina, your ring is beautiful!!! It sounds like you have a keeper. I know your mom from the infusion dept I am a patient of hers.
    Make it fun!!!
    Love, Cheri

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