Gluten Free Sunscreen List

It feels like summer is in full swing here in Arizona… we’re already consistently in the triple digit temps! This will be our second summer living here and to be honest, I don’t know if that makes it better or worse since now I know what I’m in for!

Here in Arizona, you can’t avoid the sun so sunscreen is a part of my daily routine. If you’re gluten free due to celiac or gluten intolerance the question has often been asked “do we really need to worry about wearing gluten free sunscreen?”

 According to the Mayo Clinic you don’t need to worry about your skincare products being gluten free if you have celiac disease, unless the product goes near your mouth. A reaction is caused by ingesting gluten, not through skin contact.

BUT… let’s face it, when you’re in the sun you sweat… which can cause the sunscreen on your face to run down near your mouth. Also, if you rub sunscreen on your body you don’t want to have to worry about accidentally touching your mouth or even food! I say, if you’re gluten free… why not wear gluten free sunscreen since it’s so easy to find!

I’ve made a list of some popular brands of sunscreen that are gluten free and separated them by “safer” (less toxins) and then mainstream brands.

Did you hear about that study that found it took just one day of use for several common sunscreen ingredients to enter the bloodstream?! Yikes! You can read that study here.

Less-Toxic Gluten Free Sunscreen Brands:

Alba Botanica



Beauty Counter

Blue Lizard


California Baby

Goddess Garden


Kiss My Face

Sun Bum

The Honest Company


Gluten Free Face Sunscreen:



ThinkSport Face


In case you don’t have access to those non-toxic brands, here are some mainstream ones for you as well. 

Mainstream Brands that are Gluten Free:

Banana Boat (sunscreen only)

Bull Frog


Up & Up (Target Brand)

I hope this helps! Happy Summer!

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