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I’ve been asked what my skincare regiment consists of. I honestly don’t do as much as I should to take care of my skin. I think I never worried much about it (other than faithfully wearing sunscreen) because I always had really good skin. Once I got diagnosed with celiac disease that began to change…

When I eat gluten (even through cross contamination) I get a really fine, red rash all over my face. It burns a little and takes a few weeks to clear up. Ever since this started happening to me I’ve become more conscientious to create a skincare routine. I thought it would be helpful if I shared a few of my favorite products with you. Did I mention they’re all under $10?!


 According to the Mayo Clinic you don’t need to worry about your beauty products being gluten free if you have celiac disease, unless the product goes near your mouth. A reaction is caused by ingesting gluten, not through skin contact. Let’s face it… many products have the chance of going near your mouth (when you wash your face; if you sweat and lotion, sunscreen, makeup etc drip down; even hair products when you wet your hair often get near your mouth). There are so many great gluten free products out there, that I always try to use as many of them as I can.

skincare products


13903998First I take my makeup off using Simple Cleansing Wipes. They’re only $6.74  for 25 wipes and you can get them at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, or any other drug store. These work really well, but sometimes if I’m wearing a lot of eye makeup I use a little olive or coconut oil on a tissue to get the remaining makeup off.

13903834Then I wash my face using Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. It’s only $6.99 and again they carry it at Target, Wal-Mart, CVS, or any drug store. When I wash my face I use a rough washcloth so it exfoliates while it cleans. I typically buy these in bulk packs and look for the cheapest ones so I know they’re rough!

edc_cream_72dpiPay attention closely… this next product is hands down my favorite!! Everyday Coconut Night Face Cream and its only $8.99 (I think I got mine on sale at Sprouts Farmers Market for $6.99). You can find this at WholeFoods; Mother’s Market; Sprouts Farmers Market; or even on Amazon.

 I have tried many creams over the years, including expensive ones they recommend in magazines and nothing, I mean nothing compares to this! I have converted so many people to use this cream and everyone thanks me after! 🙂

 Even though it’s called “night cream” I use it in the morning as well. This stuff is so good that not only do I rub it on my face, but also on my neck and chest… sometimes I put it everywhere! If it’s good for my face, it must be amazing for my body (right)?!

81oDsmxaGBL._SL1500_Since I’m such a fan of their face cream, I recently bought Everyday Coconut Eye Cream and I love it! To make it even better it’s only $7.99! I rub this at night (after I put on the face cream) all over my eyes. I have super sensitive skin and most eye creams irritate me, but this didn’t. I’m going to stick with this stuff!

sunscreenLastly and most importantly is sunscreen! I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen on my face pretty much every day. It’s about $9.50 and I buy mine at Target, but you can find this anywhere sunscreen is sold. I put it on my face and neck, and then do my hair while it absorbs into my skin, and then I apply my makeup over it. *By the way, I called and it’s gluten free.

I really believe in preventing damage rather than reversing damage. Yes, when I was in high school I used to bake in the sun with tanning oil (Ahhh… I know. I know. I should’ve listened to you mom)! But it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself!

If I’m too tired to do this whole routine I at least take my makeup off every night and use the Everyday Coconut Night Face Cream.

Now that you know my go-to skincare products I would love to hear yours!



  1. Katie Cochensparger says:

    Hi Kristina. I came upon your article on Pinterest. I am a representative for Younique and one of the reasons why I chose to use their products is because they are natural products and gluten free. If you are interested in trying them then I would love to help you with that. You can email me at youniquekatiec@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Pamela Fitz Lawrence says:

    Hi, Thanks for the product advise. I like Andalou Naturals skin and hair products. I am able to find them online-Vitacost- or at discount store Grocery Outlet. Verified Gluten-free, cruelty-free, Vegan, Non-GMO Project Verified, 92% Nature Derived. Fruit Stem Cell Science.

  3. April says:

    Hello! I’ve been recently diagnosed with celiac disease and I’m struggling to find affordable products. I’ve been trying to find your Everyday Coconut night cream. The closest I can find is this one, sold on several sites including Amazon. Is this the same cream? I realise this is an older post, but I’m hoping some of these products are still on the market. Thank you!


  4. Kara E says:

    Good morning, I to have been diagnosed with celiac, I struggle every day, it’s very overwhelming to me. I am fully gray and for the last year have dyed my hair. My head constantly itched. Now I know why, so I cut off all my long hair short. I’m still trying to cut off the dye parts.
    I’m trying to find a foundation for my face also and powder. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m 57 and like it to cover but light feeling.
    P.S. if any of you want to dye your hair you can use Nutrisse. It’s gluten-free. Thank you

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