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A couple months ago I posted a list of some popular gluten free alcohol brands. The feedback I received was overwhelming and showed me that this is a topic of great interest to those living a gluten free life. People typically identify a gluten free diet with food, but often forget it involves literally everything you consume… including drinks!

When living with celiac disease, not only do you have to change your diet but every aspect of life. One area that I personally struggled with in the early months (even years) of my diagnosis was the social aspect. I never expected giving up gluten to impact my social life the way it did. Suddenly I had to plan ahead and be prepared for situations I never had to worry about before.  I remember attending a Justin Timberlake concert shortly after being diagnosed and going to the bar with my friends to get a drink. While they were all excited and chatting about the show… I was frantically Googling on my phone looking to see what I could drink that was gluten free, which was stressful and took a little bit of the fun out of the night.

I’ve heard similar situations from others living a gluten free life, so I decided to put this guide together in hopes of making life a little easier, especially in social situations for those that are gluten free.

I’ve done extensive research and talked to numerous companies regarding their alcohol, so I’m excited that this guide is now available to you!

This is a complete guide listing categories, brands and flavors. I also explain some of the controversial issues to help you make safe decisions when choosing which ones to consume. Included in the guide are ten of my favorite cocktail recipes made with gluten free alcohol and mixers!

Thank you for all your support and I look forward to releasing more guides in the future!


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